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Water filter bottle for outdoor in stainless steel material


Are you looking for a portable water filter for the outdoor?

One that does not require pumping, chemicals or does not have plastic components that degrade in the sun or give bad taste to the water? No BPA, no PET, no iodine, no chlorine.... Check out the new stainless steel 1.2 liter bottle with 0.1 micron hollow fiber filter in cap, it has an amazingly simple design, that does not contain any breaking or moveable parts, to resist many years of field use, and provide crystal clear, bacteria and parasite-free water from any source anywhere, without waiting or pumping.


The feature we liked the most about the BotEOZ are the following:

- The bottle in stainless steel material is absolutely great, finally a designer and manufacturer who cares to resolve the bad plastic taste of the water when carrying it long hours in a backpack, no plastic means no BPA, no Tritan, no PET, none of the supposedly safe translucent plastic which whether or not the manufacturer and health authorities care to mention it, have not been tested for long term effects on human or animal health. We all know about BPA and it has been banned in several countries, but noone so far has done research on the additives that are in the newest plastic that came to replace BPA, such as Tritan. To make plastic transparent and at the same time flexible enough to avoid dangerous breaking, additives are necessary, new additives are developed constantly by the plastic industry to win the race against the health regulation bodies who investigate these chemical substances. So far no one really knows if the new plastics are better than the widely-criticized BPA. Long story short, it is better to simply avoid carrying water for long periods of time in plastic - especially transparent plastic - and switch to stainless steel. 


- The 0.1 micron hollow fiber filter in the cap is very simple and wonderful compared to any of the typical activated carbon filters which do not remove turbidity or microbes efficiently. Submicron filtration ensures that water comes out crystal clear from the outlet on the cap, and free of bacteria (micron size 1-2 for bacteria and 10-50 for parasites such as Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Amibas among the most common parasites in creeks or mountain water). Whether you drink from the tap, from a puddle, lake, river, mountain creek or rainharvesting system, you can be sure you will not get sick if you use BotEOZ water filter bottle. 


- That means this bottle filter is great for traveling, hiking, backpacking, camping, or simply living in rural communities with unsafe water at their tap.



You can find this product on AMAZON, at the following link:


Best backpacking water filter bottle for expeditions hiking traveling


Do not hesitate, this is the best backpacking water filter. Stainless steel water bottle, does not break scratch or add plastic taste to the water, resist sun and harsh conditions. 

Filter purifier is 0.1 micron rating hollow fiber membrane to remove 100% turbidity and bacteria with 100,000 liter rated life. Backwashing every month to ensure this long rated life of filter, with syringe included in the purchase.


Please look for the product in AMAZON under Water Filter Bottle BOTEOZ or contact us at flor@grupoeoz.com for more information.