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Water bottle with filter for hiking, camping, traveling, expeditions


The technical specifications for the portable water filter bottle BotEOZ are: 

- Replaceable filter cartridge: 0.1 micron hollow fiber membrane to achieve 100% bacteria removal, 99.99% parasite removal, and turbidity reduction from 6.6 to 0.17 NTU. In short it produces crystalline water (less than 0.2 NTU is transparent clear water as recommended by USEPA for human consumption) from any turbid water source, well, river, lake, pond, puddle, creek, rainwater cistern, etc. 100%  bacteria removal means water will be free of E.Coli, Salmonella, Shigella, Vibrio Cholerae among the most common waterborn bacteria that cause serious to potentially deadly diseases to humans. Parasite removal includes Giardia, Cryptosporidium, amibas and intestinal worms among the typical parasites found in mountain creeks or when traveling to less developed countries, especially with humid climates conducive to growth of parasitic worms and amibas.


- The cartridge is easily replaced by just pulling it until it comes of the bottle´s cap to which it is attached by the means of food grade silicon orings. The hollow fiber cartridge removed from the bottle cap is shown below.


- This water filter bottle offers an optional prefilter for metal and chlorine removal based on a natural zeolite filter media shown to remove fluoride, arsenic and lead thanks to a special aluminum oxide processing of the zeolite, as well as chlorine, pesticides and volatile organic chemicals thanks to the combination of the zeolite with activated carbon.

The metal and chlorine removal prefilter is shown below as well as the filter media.




- The water bottle itself is 1.2 liter capacity made of stainless steel to avoid use of plastic bottle in contact with water and to ensure long rated life under harsh field conditions, without degradation by UV rays and without risk of breaking or scratching the plastic when employing the bottle for outdoor adventures, kayaking, river rafting, hiking, camping, mountaineering, alpinism, mountain biking, nature photography, expeditions or field work that require heavy duty, robust hydration and filtration accessories. 








- Rated life of the filter cartridge is 100,000 liters with monthly backwashing with the syringe included in the purchase of BotEOZ filter bottle. If water is very turbid, filter will require more frequent backwashing to remove sediment or particles accumulated in the fibers. If the water used is mostly clear or lightly turbid backwashing every 3 months will be sufficient. Backwashing is shown on the photo. Always use clean purified or boiled water when backwashing the filter so that only water free of microorganisms enters the filter in reverse direction. 


Note: If water filter bottle Boteoz is stored for long periods of time without use, it is recommended to backwash before next use to moisten the fibers and remove the biofilm that grows at the back of the fibers when leaving the filter unused.


This bottle has been used by hikers, campers and trail runners so far with great satisfaction, the design and technical details are constantly being reviewed and improved based on the feedback from the users in the field since this is the first version launched in 2016.

It is for sale on AMAZON.COM at the following link, in green or blue color:








As you can see on the photos above, this water filter bottle has been tested with the worse contaminated stagnant puddle water, with great satisfaction and no diseases! 




Filtro botella agua para campismo senderismo deportes al aire libre


La botella con filtro integrado de 0.1 micra para filtrar y eliminar microbios de cualquier fuente es una innovación de EOZ, finalista de Iniciativa MÉXICO, certificada por la COFEPRIS con 100% de eficiencia ante la prueba en laboratorio para la NOM-244-SSA1-2008. El diseño de esta botella purificadora de agua llamada BOTEOZ es para uso rudo en campo, emergencias, o condiciones extremas. El acero inoxidable de la botella asegura que resista caídas, largas horas en el sol, no se degrada bajo los rayos UV, y no disuelve químicos nocivos para la salud, a diferencia del plástico típicamente empleado para botellas filtrantes.


La botella con filtro de agua BotEOZ es ideal para campismo, senderismo, deportes al aire libre y también para uso personal en situaciones de emergencias o desastres naturales cuando no haya agua potable disponible. Esta botella purificadora puede salvar la vida de las personas, llenándose de cualquier charco, río turbio o contenedor con agua estancada, logrando producir agua cristalina y sin ningún microbio para que las personas puedan tomar agua sin riesgo de contraer enfermedades.

Para ver más detalles técnicos de la botella BotEOZ o para comprarlo en linea, sigue el link:

Filtro botella de agua personal pórtatil BotEOZ


Best backpacking water filter bottle for expeditions hiking traveling


Do not hesitate, this is the best backpacking water filter. Stainless steel water bottle, does not break scratch or add plastic taste to the water, resist sun and harsh conditions. 

Filter purifier is 0.1 micron rating hollow fiber membrane to remove 100% turbidity and bacteria with 100,000 liter rated life. Backwashing every month to ensure this long rated life of filter, with syringe included in the purchase.


Please look for the product in AMAZON under Water Filter Bottle BOTEOZ or contact us at flor@grupoeoz.com for more information.