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Water filter bottle in use with high river in the french alps


When hiking in the french alp mountains, often the hike reaches a beautiful mountain lake or series of lake, with green blue turquoise water, and little mountain creeks or rivers flowing down from permanent Glacier to the lakes and onward to the villages at the base of these high mountains.


It is a great advantage for hikers to carry a portable water filter purifier during these hiking or advanced alpinism trips, to recharge their water bottle in any of these lakes, rivers or springs without having to bring many water bottles.


Our water bottle purifier is a robust stainless steel bottle with integrated filter cartridge with filters and removes microbes by physical exclusion, as the user drinks from the bottle, no waiting, no chemicals, to pumping. Simply drink from the outlet orifice on the cap and the water will have been purified by the highly efficient hollow fiber membranes of submicronic porosity (0.1 micron) to guarantee a crystalline and zero-microbe water every time the users drinks. 


The user can refill any number of time in any lake, river or spring, the filter has the capacity to last 10,000 liters and will only need backwashing after each trip, before storing the water purifier bottle, to ensure the fibers are clean and without sediment or particles before the next use. That helps extend the life of the filter by maintaining the fibers free of turbidity. The stainless steel bottle was chosen because it will not degrade in the sun, will not add plastic taste to the water, nor chemicals such as BPA, will resist many falls, and is more hygienic than plastic since its surface does not grow bacteria microfilms over time. Stainless steel is the preferred choice of hospitals and surgeons, and it is indeed a bacteria-safe material for hikers when choosing their water bottle for long term use in harsh outdoor conditions. 



Our filter can be backwashed with the syringe included with the purchase of the BotEOZ water purifier as shown in the photos below:



Our water purifier bottle is called BOTEOZ, the full product is shown below with lid and with filter cartridge included in the lid.

water-filter-purifier-bottle-mountaineering-hiking-campign filter-water-purifier-bottle-hiking-mountaineering

We designed and tested the portable water purifier BotEOZ in the Mexican mountains with heavily contaminated water, often brown color water, with fecal contamination from surrounding letrines or animal corrals. 


We achieved 100% bacteria and turbidity removal under these difficult conditions, for which we have received the CNN HEROE finalist award and World Bank Development Martkeplace award for ¨Best Water Technology for Poor People¨. It is ideal not only for rural villagers and children, but obviously for hikers, alpinists, travelers, campers, tourists, emergency experts, natural disaster relief personnel all around the world who need instantly clean water, where there is no access to water, and with the guarantee that water is safe to drink and will not make them sick.


We now market the BOTEOZ worldwide and implement the 10 to 1 campaign in which for each 10 sales of BotEOZ we donate a purifier bottle BOTEOZ to a rural child in Mexico which does not have access to clean water in his home or school. We partner with organization such as Save the Children, The Hunger Project, World Vision and Fundacion Tarahumara to reach children in isolated rural villages of Mexico who are the most vulnerable because of the long distance to health clinics.


If you want to purchase the water purifier BotEOZ from our website (currently in spanish but soon to be translated in English and French), you can visit the following page

Water Filter Purifier Bottle BotEOZ

Then click the purchase button where you will have the option to pay by credit card with the internationally certified secured payment platform 2Checkout, just follow the instructions in english or spanish language to complete your order and checkout. Thank you in advance for your interest, trust and please qualify our product when you receive and test it, let us know how you used it, send us photos, comments and suggestions to flor@grupoeoz.com. We will be thrilled to discover your type of use and any problems or request we will attend immediately.

Thanks and Enjoy Water Purifier Bottle BotEOZ!

Flor Cassassuce
Flor Cassassuce


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