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Kitchen faucet filter designed for spring fed or well fed rural agricultural mountain homes

The faucet mount water filter purifier AquaEOZ was specifically designed to treat unsafe non potable water that is typically used by rural, agricultural or mountain communities. Unlike urban homes, they receive water from springs, wells, lakes, rivers or other open or non open water sources, which present the risk of bacteria or parasite contamination due to animals or letrines in the same watershed as these sources.

AquaEOZ faucet mount water filter is presented in the video below with full details about the technology, the cartridge and its replacement and the installation itself.

The filter is designed differently than other faucet mount filters for urban households, it does not only contain activated charcoal as most faucet filters, it uses an innovative hollow fiber membrane cartridge of submicronic porosity (0.1 micron nominal pore size) which effectively removes all bacteria and all parasites from water. The efficiency test was conducted at a certified laboratory called Fermi sa de cv and contaminated water with 10^6 bacteria (1,000,000 bacteria in inlet water) was passed through the filter from 0 to 10,000 liters (2,000 gallons) to verify the bacteria removal efficiency over time. The filter achieved 100% removal throughout the test

The hollow fiber filter is complemented with a media filter combining natural coconut fiber charcoal and KDF to achieve maximum efficiency at chlorine, chloramine, THM (trihalomethane), pesticides, and VOC (volatile organic chemical) removal. Additionally the innovative KDF zinc copper oxide allows for 80% removal of some heavy metals such as mercury, lead, copper and cadmium

These specifications for the kitchen faucet filter AquaEOZ make it ideal for ensuring safe crystalline water to anyone with an unsafe water supply, at a reasonable cost and with a long rated life. Cartridges are readily available every 20,000 gallons or 100,000 liters, more or less 2-3 years of use in normal kitchens. To know the filter has reached the end of its life, user will observe a decrease in the flow rate at the outlet as the fibers of the filters become plugged over time.

AquaEOZ is manufactured and quality controlled in our small factory and laboratory in Mexico with a team of dedicated and passionate experts whom have won awards from WORD BANK, CNN HEROES and UBS VISIONARIS for our technology and our social work at supplying clean water to isolated rural communities worldwide.

AquaEOZ faucet filter is sold on Amazon USA and Amazon México and shipping is available to any country in the world by FEDEX or DHL. 



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Flor Cassassuce
Flor Cassassuce


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